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History of the Company:

EMP Genetech was founded in 2000 by Dr. Franz Welser with the aim of producing recombinant human proteins of the
extracellular matrix for use in tissue engineering. Proteins such as fibronectin, vitronectin, decorin and elastin,
provided a protein scaffold and microenvironment for cell type specific growth of primary cells to produce new

HEK 293 cells, as an established human cell line, were selected as producing cells and these proved to be an
excellent host. The expressed recombinant ECM proteins displayed very good bioactivity and from then on HEK293
was further used.

The recombinant proteins were initially produced from adherent cells cultivated in cell culture flasks, which were
set serum-free for production. This production mode soon proved to be ineffective because it allowed only limited
yields and production times.

A solution to this problem was the adaptation of the adherent cells to growth in suspension cultures. Concomitantly
a serum-free medium was found which allowed for very rapid growth of the suspended HEK293 cells.

From this day on, the volume of the cell suspensions was gradually augmented from 5 liter spinner cultures to 10
liter bioreactors, operated by continuous cultivation reaching cell numbers of 2 x 107 / ml. By this method, gram
amounts of recombinant protein can be produced with excellent bioactivity.

EMP Genetech has since developed into a contract manufacturing company, providing recombinant protein
production to end-users working in academic as well as industrial laboratories. The focus during the past years
has moved more and more toward industrial clients in therapeutic and diagnostic disciplines.

Since 2000, dozens of biomolecules have been produced and applied in divergent fields due to the universal
applicability of the developed production mode.


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Contact: EMP Genetech · Dr. Franz X. Welser · Straussenlettenstrasse 7b · 85053 Ingolstadt/Germany · Tel. +49 841 3796013

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