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Active Biomolecules


> Gene Cloning
> Cell Line Development
> Recombinant Protein Production
> Chromatographic Protein Purification

Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development One of our main expertises is the
development of stably transfected
cell lines.
EMP Genetech transfects HEK293 or
mammalian cells.
Antibiotic selected viable cell clones arising
from single cell cloning are screened for
expression of the recombinant protein you
The high producer clones are adapted to
serum-free growth and are maintained for
stable expression of your recombinant. The
applied cell culture medium is animal-
protein free and of documented composition.
Due to post-translational glycosilation and
processing HEK293 cells express proteins of superior quality and bioactivity.
It takes 2-3 months for cell line development
and adaption to serum-free growth.

Our cell culture methods:
  • Stable transfection
  • Single cell cloning
  • Selection of stable high producer clones
  • Clone screening for expression
  • Conversion of adherent growing cellsinto suspension cell lines
  • Adaptation to cell growth in serum-free media
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